The 3D-LIVE project aims to develop and experiment a User Driven Mixed Reality  platform connected to EXPERIMEDIA testbeds in order to investigate on the Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Services when users are fully immersed into mixed environments. In the context of Augmented Sports, we intend to allow several users to be virtually immersed in one shared environment called the “Twilight Space”. In this mixed reality environment, they will be able to see, communicate and play with one another in real time taking advantages of the latest research in 3D Reconstruction of moving humans. Our platform will be adapted to three use-cases: the Golf, the Ski and the jogging activities.

A Tele-Immersive Platform

Our platform allows several remote users to feel present in one shared environment. They are able to experience augmented sports activities together and new social interactions.

Three venues

A slope located in Schladming, Austria will support the Skiing Scenario. The Golfing scenario will be deployed at the Laval Golf Course in France and the Jogging scenario will take place in the streets of Oulu, Finland.

Different Configurations

The 3DLive consortium aims to explore different configurations to determine which one brings the best User eXperience. As a consequence High-End and Low-End equipements will be experimented.

The 3DLive Consortium