The running scenario enables users to run together on the same track, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors.

In the running use case there will be exactly one real world user and one virtual world user, though the implementation and design work will be prepared for many more users jogging at the same time and place.

A community of users will be gathered, composed of runners willing to take part in the Experiential Design Process (co- creation, exploration, experimentation and evaluation).


Video introducing the Running scenario


3D-LIVE main research goal is to investigate the impact of 3D Tele-Immersive Environment (3D-TIE) on people behaviour and feelings when sportsmen (golfers, skiers, joggers) practice together from indoor and outdoor situations.

The main objectives of the Running scenario are:

  • To explore the technological feasibility of a 3D-TIE for Running;
  • To embed social aspects;
  • To experiment the scenario appropriateness through the 3D-TIE prototypes;
  • To evaluate the user experience (UX) of runners in a 3D-TIE for running
  • To explore the “Twilight Space” (a space between Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality impact on people behaviour and feelings.
    The final and ambitious objective is to enable four “users” to experiment simultaneously the Running scenario, for the following reasons:

    • To test high-end (displaying real-time full capture of a runner) and low-cost solutions (displaying an avatar animated just with the running speed information available);
    • To integrate human live capture. It is not possible to capture the outdoor runner, as the technological platform to perform the live capture needs 4 Microsoft Kinect. If the outdoor runner does not wear AR glasses, only a second indoor runner could visualize the other indoor runner live capture).
    • To test two technical solutions for the outdoor runner (low-cost and high end).