The Ski scenario will involve 3 players, one on the real ski slope (Schladming ski station with FIRE facilities) and two players in indoor conditions (one using high end immersive equipment in Laval, a second one using a low cost solution (CERTH).

This measure will allow us to test different degrees of cost/immersion solutions simultaneously and in particular to experiment human live capture and transmission (CERTH).
The Ski activity could involve skiers with different levels. To preserve the team spirit (i.e. to avoid having skiers with 100 m between them, concentrated on their own descent), slower skiers will always stay in the same area with the faster one.

A technology will support the Ski scenario platform with different components (based on cost and immersion considerations) and set-ups for indoor and outdoor players.



3D-LIVE main research goal is to investigate the impact of 3D Tele-Immersive Environment (3D-TIE) on people behaviour and feelings when sportsmen (golfers, skiers, joggers) practice together from indoor and outdoor situations.

The main objectives of the Ski scenario are:

  • To explore the technological feasibility (visualization rendering, data transfer, real-time skier 3D reconstruction, realistic avatars, platform for realistic movements, stereoscopic view) and propose a library of components which could be gathered to create the user experience;
  • To embed social aspects through Ski 3D-TIE for a demanding sport with various internal and external parameters;
  • To experiment the scenario appropriateness through Ski 3D-TIE prototypes, and assess the choice for the ski “rule”;
  • To evaluate the user experience of skiers immersed in a Ski 3D-TIE;
  • To explore the “Twilight Space” (a space between Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality) impact on people’s behaviour and feelings.