3D-LIVE Experimentation

What is it?

The 3D-LIVE project will be conducting user driven experiments in 2014 to find out both how this unique system will technically perform in the real world and what our users’ experience was during game play at our three venues. In order to gain insight into these aspects of the 3D-LIVE system, we will be collecting a variety of data that reflects the operational performance of geographically separated technical components that integrate to deliver virtual and augmented reality presentations.

• 3D graphics rendering
• Human body & activity reconstruction
• Environment reconstruction
• 3D & media streaming
• Interaction response times & logging
• Perceived ease & effectiveness of use
• Social interaction behaviours
• Empathic & emotional behaviours

At the same time, we will be keenly focussed on the interactive experiences of our users which we will capture using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative observations. Using both technical and user based observations, we expect to be able create a rich understanding of the overall impact of the 3D-LIVE system design and implementation on user experience.

How do we do it?

To assist in this evaluation process, we will be using our collaborative relationship with the EXPERIMEDIA project to deploy the ‘Experiment Content Component’ (ECC). The ECC is a web based experiment management system that supports the instrumentation, capture and management of quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) metrics from a variety of remotely connected technical platforms. Experimenters wishing to capture technical performance of distributed, internet based systems can use the ECC’s API (which includes support for Java, C#, C++ and Ruby) to send metrics to the ECC server. Included in the API is a metric data model, which provides a consistent and structured methods for reporting metrics and also includes support for qualitative data typing often used in the capture of QoE observations. During an experimental run, the experimenter can use the ECC’s web based dashboard to monitor and control all instrumented systems and also visualise the data as it arrives. All data is persisted in a PostgreSQL database and can be exported for analysis using tools such as Excel or SPSS.

To find out more about the technology that supports 3D-LIVE experimentation, please visit the EXPERIMEDIA project website