Three venues

The 3DLive platform will be deployed on three venues in order to experiment different use-cases. (Please read the « Use-cases section » for more details. Each of those areas have been modelled to render an immersive mixed reality experience.

The Ski venue

The EXPERIMEDIA project provides the venue for the skiing scenario: a slope in Schladming in Austria. It is an easy track that fits perfectly with our needs in terms of experiments. One outdoor skier will go down this slope while 2 indoors will share that experience from our labs; one located in Laval, France and the other in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Check the map below to locate the venue:

The Golf venue

The golfing scenario has been adapted to be deployed in France at the Laval golf course. One outdoor golfer will be playing his favourite sport on the golf course while a remote indoor will take part of this experience in our laboratory. In our case the Hole 1 (par 4) has been selected among the 18 holes available on the course.
Check the map below to locate the venue:

The Jogging venue

The Jogging scenario has no spatial constraints compared to the other cases. You can actually go running everywhere. To ease our experiments a nine blocks area in the city of Oulu, Finland has been specified to allow our users to run with one another.
Check the map below to locate the venue: